IMG2This is history and with this Empire who must go forward.

Oké in Roman time, with now Italy the Gladiators fight on live and death. In Spain they do that with animals, they make there angry, so they can die a humanbeen.

The people go thinking, but came there also plane accedant in forword? No, but do we remember the first plane from Malesia-airlines that go from the radar and in the water someware dissepart in the see near Australia. Thats not true nothing is true. It dissepart but on evry Island lives people, maybe 9 or maybe 1 they shall do evryting do they plane on fast ground, thus on there Island. Perhaps the people can read and don’t know wath to do. And they have a old culture to get the people from the death to be a live.

Then we have again Malasia-airlines who shot down from the ground

Again we have Malasia-airlines the MH17. We are neare to a third worldwar, so where Mister Mastgrave early in a blog has about spoken. I diden’t like it but he will see the reallity this reallity comes still near.

And than we have German-Wings

A depressed co pilot fly back, between two clifs wash a valley he knew that, put the plane under the radar, automaticly pilot off and he wants with a lot of feet go to the ground, and took all the people with him into the death.

And than last but not least, the flight from Hurghada to St. Petersburg

Wash there wreely a bomb on board?. You have no doubt aubout it IS has the, claimt a view times that they will take resonsebillity. They have claimt it four times. Wath go Poetin do? Will he found the wreel prepetrator? Or go he agree with a tribinal to give a prepetrator his punishment wath he disurve.

How many planes shall be followd?

With country is  the next air-France or a plane from the US, and whom shall it do who and with country find his prepetrator and can give he/she his punishment, who shall it be and who is next.


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