Sir, are you always so cruel, the only that you want is write about war, why war, if I may ask. Do you kick on it do you lick it or is youre story not ready or not good enough and so you have to write a part again.

Here in Europe we have a war, a eurocrises, ol those fellows who come with schips from wood broken on Turkey or Greece. Than they come to Europe. We get a war into the Country by us selfs and thats not good. Do you understand that I don’t like to talk or to write about youre Parte Foure. War Three I din’t like that to. I wrote back again a world war, I put him away and I have wroten why. Thats for me not a fiction anymore.

JPEG 016

You no never how be a war shall be ended. Please give me not anymore to type a blog wath handeld about, the next war and how it shall ended.


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