Plot Challenge With Dragons And Dragons?

Sorry Mister Mastgrave,

That is not for me that is old, so old from a view century’s ago. What happend yesterday for the second time in Paris France (Frenche) if see that, than you see that it is war, wreel war.

The boys has Kalasnikofs shoot more than 100 people down there are now death. This is the wreel story, than to fight with and against dragons sorry, that I’am this are saying to you but what wreel is and very close to me is, go me near on the hard. I’am not very glad with this the next world war is still near comming true, and nothing is wath it’s like.

And I mean to say to that.

On the next figure, first a plane the Netherlands are been has death with more than 198 persons Malaysia Airlines, before a missing plane from Malaysia Arlines, it’s still laying on the bottom of the sea. Then Germain Wings a crazy co-pilot put the plane between two clifs on the ground evrybody died. And last the plane from Egypt to St. Petersburg a Russian plan evrybody found the death. This are maybe manuvre, for to get make a stratygie into Paris. If Paris can do his border closet then ather Country shall follow exept Netherlands.

Can you understand now that I can’t writting about fight with Dragons?

Mister Mastgrave,

Can you now wreely understand why I can’t writting about dragons and worriors with knife and sword. That time is long afther us on the beginning from the life on Aerth and that is Century’s ago. We life day by day and not, back, you will always traffeld back, I not. Thus I put mine meaning on paper look on your social media. You see what is happend yesterday so I don’t know of it’s free mine own thought to put on paper, but I do it. Youre life is not in danger until there comes a bombexplosion to nearly you.

If you remember the marathon bomb?

Do you, can you remember the bomb by finishline in New York (New Amsterdam) no pitty, if can think about what here happend?. To much happend it and it is still comming from IS even that Russian plane IS. When is it not IS? Tell me that you learn MAT you learn Philosophy (Chinees) and than you ask to write a story about worriors and dragons that is look back about your sholder, you have somting when you was young somting that wash not nice.

You must to look forward.

Thats diffecult but I write and wrote it from me back. What I have, when I was young, that was the only what I can do for myself, and so you have not anymore look back about youre sholder.


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