Some Want To Learn.

How is it possible that so as the title says Some Want To Learn. But coult it not or just a littel bit to diffecult for someone you have write in American – English. Did you self not ask how diffecult it coult be for any ather who must learn to write in American – English because he or she is a ather langues to speak and to write, look Politiek you can ask a translate.

So when I get to America I have too reed and I must can write mine own  language and those of the Americans and why. Why spoke or speak the Americans not a littel bit Netherlands. Holland and Belgium are people who speak the most language. German, English and Frensh. This is for me a discus point, with you can philosophocal to look for and after.

I don”t no how you think about it but, we have to release this and good too see that it can be a problem for ather people. You can see it as a moderen Philosophie from this time were we live in. A daungerous time, wiht a lot of Philosophy how we  could  the evil stop. Very Simple, no bombs no nothing they are fithing against Assad finaly not to Europe. But it is Poetin on this way he will Ukraine back. To wall from the Berlin W. Berlin and beginning from the DDR. That”s what he want he spoke his mounth to far, you can see it, it whas a slip of the thong.

But read good aswel if I mine health will be good than I can not 1000 words to put on the computer and send to you. When I that did I must back to mine arts (dockter) of this has input on mine brains. He like the question and found it good but he say take youre rest if you fiel or feld it than you stop a wile.

When I have after 300 words haddack pain into mine head I thought on the words of mine dockter so I take mine rest and I need that. But Philosophical seen is this a healthcare with came about to look for so you have two points with are, we can discus about it on Philosophy area. A new beginnig a new time, want we live in a new time. A lot of centurys we have had, and now we are nearly in a War III so Poetin will togheter with Turkey all the people who are now refrugee yacht too the Eurozone. So that the Eurozone where instable that the Eurozone feld out, so as I write early-er in this artikle.

Please forgive me I can not anymore 1000 words write but I hope that I”am clear enough where we can Philosphol aubout can discus. I like that but I must learn  so short as possible to answer you question and write a blog or artikle to you, so short as possible. I can”t than not handle it not enymore. And I like to do it.



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