How should Donald Trump, if he shall be chosen as president of America. Should he wreely close the borders of America so that no any refrugee can come in? I have rather it”s not mine favorite Clinton but you can only choose on the best of the two. The most worst of the two.

But I think but I hope not that it shall be Trump. And than all those refrugee they are in Hongry and Austria they have the borders closed, and I think Trump does the same. And how shall he speak if he visit an ather country, with the same mouth as he now does or shoud he somtingh (hophely) has learnd ather country’s has ather normal and faluws and it could be a country be shamed and political and for ather things they can be dissepeard.

Than you must build again for new treatsment with ather countrys, but not any ather country is so to work with a president who can only shouwd and on what is it based, it is based on air, (sorry that is personally). If I whas the predident in mine country well I did it on a ather way. Oké I heard you say the best shippers are on wall and you have agree.

With president do you at the moment? You where sceptic about Donald Trump. With do you follow at the moment exept Rubio. Personally I found it diffecult to talk about politics and elections. In Brussels they are affraid because we have a referendum on 6 april 2016 for Ukraine or aiganst Ukraine why then we have Ukraine also in the EU. And the president of America is important to us then  we know with kind of politics we can get.

So we look always to America with president there come’s. And so far I can se we get Turkey in the EU zone because they have the Refrugee’s, Greece has the most of them not verry honstley. But aigain we where told what to do by Germany (Merkel). Will they aigain a new war evry time the Germans with Wir Shaffen Das. And the refrugee knokt on the door of Germany and sayd “moetie Merkel shall be sorrow for us”.

That is rediclius the most of the time they are terrorist, how can I know it is us told about the television by police, let I say it so the police say it to us that there more soldiers evrywhere are the people and the king of ouwer country must be still in live he and we the normal people must be do what they normal do, they look for us that us notgingh can happen.

This is a  new thing about refrugee, and the governement say’s they have a trauma and make problems. And then you have the diffrent language one speak syrian the ather english and a ather is so far that he/she can speak the language where they live.

Hole this dossier is so stuf and diffecult that I think it shall never be lose up with great president or VN and EU you have it shall never be loset up, there are always people who are under way to an ather country, and surtenly where war is. It shall never stops again.



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