I Youre Country Free From Down-Syndrome?

Mister Mastgrave I’ll shall do mine best, but so if I have wroten it’s not good for mine health so i’ll take mine time because I want not back sick. And I have ask’t you if that coult?

This story playd in two different cities, the place where the boy lives and a girl who we later see in de story, both get a fictive name because it is enterd on reality. Let we de boy called Pat and the girl Sherona de producer Bruno than we know who who is.

This story playd in the  Netherlands and in Danmark. Both country’s hase no temples and ruins (they shall maybe there are) but I have not seen them. So it playd in his living-town also we give that a fictive name Hillegom and Danmark we give the town also a fictive name Nörebród. Both places are not wreele. The producer ask’t to the mother and dad from Pat ask to make a programme THE LAST DOWNER. They sayd yes and the mother and dad of Sherona say also yes.

They go with there three of them Sherona, Pat and of course the producer to different hospitals. That whas step two which past into there plan. They go to great hospitals and ask the dockter why it is better to give a Nipt test if a women get pragnent (she become’s a baby) well they can see of the baby handicapted is or not and specialy Down-Syndrome. Then the dockters sayd you can better at home 14 day’s think aubout a abortion. Some do that some want to do that, they will that the baby have the right to come. Anyway I’am for the antogonist and why if you has workt with handicapted people than you respect there way of life.

If you see the dockters they will and prefure a country, begining with a city where it come’s the most of the time for. It does me think on Hitler and his perfect human. But those people do you have in lot of various intelligenty. And I have seen and workt with people with Down-Syndrome. It is a wrong x or y cel. If a country says oké this people has also the right to be born, let the gouvernement for those people make schools on the brain those people have so that they can have school what we also have and must do, when we are young. But you must good looking for it, it is not traditional but it can helps if you want that the people with Down-Syndrome in the country also a normal place can get.

But the point is you have scientist who want that not the baby anymore come’s if it has Down-Syndrome, you don’t know what it shall be thus I ask by myself may I also not come, but in mine time there whas no nipt-test no any ather test. So the producer ask Sherona with him to go to a hospital. The women who the dockter wahs and maybe still is, she has a fals eyes the girl, Sherona in this case must wait from the dockter in the waitinghall, that’s rear I go inside what the dockter tell why people as Sherona must desepairt before the women 9 month wash it must desepair when the women are 16 weeks, then you can speak about a mishcarry, but in wreel it wahs (abortion). You can’t do that, make a dissision for the parents. So we told Sharona evrytingh you could see, that she whas shokked and she has right to shok of. So those people are for me the antagonist and I support them.

Those childeren Pat is sensible of a normal student on MBO level so he can nothing do of it that he have Down-Syndrome, he fiel himself as a lonly own and that he may never be born. And on this point he reliazed that himself verry good. Pat did normal school on his level but he pickt up the things verry quick and can also good come out of his words and critecal to. To explaine what MBO mains is Medium Professional Education. Sherona has also learnd but it whas for her more diffecult than for Pat, but  Sherona get also her paper that she has followed education Those two people I support them, surtenly when dockter and syentist this people (even as Hitler did wreely into a early stadium make dead) evrytingh in the name of the futher evry dockter and Proffesional works at the moment together.

Do I talk nonsens or not. Those people has even as I the right to life on this Aerth and the Governement who make’s the dissions about life and death. But the parents and the childeren who are so born, they can help it, go to the Parlement and will give the minister a petion with a lot of singh, with the asking to stop this and not to make a perfect State. But before Pat and the producer go to Danmark half way the bridge stood Welcome in Danmark. Now we must go drive to the town where we maybe have and can found someone with Down-Syndrome, if they here still are and that shall we not know. The producer has put his tom-tom on so he can not lost his way and he has Pat also by him. They need the producer, so he can drive he talkt the same language as Pat and Sherona. Sherona whas with the producer go to the hospital but she doesen’t dear also with Pat and the producer to go to Danmark so Pat and the producer go. Pat has a camera by him and filmd on his way the landscape of Danmark. The producer sayd just 300 miles to go and we are on place where we have a apointment 300 sayd Pat with great eyes yes 300 when I heard a miep than we are in front of. Earlyer than Pat and the producer know where they on place the place named Nörebród.

The producer stop the car and sayd to Pat we are earlyer than we tought, but come let we ring of we here are correct, if so than we go to talk to those parents, “do you have youre list wiht youre askings” “yes I have” come on there we go.




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