I Must Do Evry Day Gymnastic It’s Verry Heavy.

With pain and any trouble, I can get youre picture and I have seen that you sports like to. But somthing else I get yesterday a intressting blog from Alayna it looks like a answer on mine blog the day before. I must that blog well two or three times read for I can get wath dear means and are be told.

But we go back to the sports witch you with a picture us have seen with the question if we can be a make a blog where we can be enjoy, I hope it.

So I like sports and you picture let us see that it goes about Soccer, Football in the Netherlands we named it Rugby. But it’s the same what I can see from the picture and you will asking me, who get win and whats happend on the background.

Well I see a lot of public and a steward who must the public between the scum fluant, without problems the  soccergame let go on. It could be sactioned when that not happend surtenly for the at home playing team. And what I have to do is a verry heavy gymnastics a bit yoga and heavy gymnastics 15 kilo each leg. So those boys are verry well trained, and it looks like a game between Great Britain in Red they are playing out so they have a ather tenue but when you are playing out you must have a out tenue at home they playd in a withe tenue the oppositte look’s me Wales Ireland and Wales playd always in Green, but the the band random his head typical Wales so they are never afraid specillay not for Great Britain. They will always win from Great Britain and the Walish crouwd knows that to. They shall sing and supporting there Wales team who playd of there life is on the game.

So the steward has a lot of trubble the crouwd to be silence he must walkt far a way into the crouwd there to go, to look for whats going wrong higher into the public they sit with there arms streghtst and they have make a fist  ather are quilt to look and follow the game. Only those people know what it means, and who is standing for only we don’t know. But why must always in the middle of the public are scum they will always fight I can’t understand it, you can enjoy of the Soccer,Football you have payd a lot for a ticket to see that game.

The puplic is even as I enthausiastic I like to see that, but I don’t like any scum on me. I know that from myself than I where scum to, and I don’t like it. When nothing is wrong than I can have a lot of plessure. Those two Great Britain players try to the Walshman keep on the scoreline moved he is stronger and can score so the puplic are yelling they think there is been scored no not yet. So the puplic who is sitting better to see the maths they do not yet yelling they can see it better. In mean time the stewards has a lot of work the crowd to silence and hophely notingh get go wrong.

Maybe they are two points for of Great Britain and they will not lose the game it should be a shame when they come home with a game they have lose, which they may not lose, but the Walshman are two points for two points you can make even two against two. How hard the crowd yell for there country it will all the time not happen, how could it bee, they must this game not lose and surtenly not from Wales. It is a heavy game and the crouwd are still yelling whit the hope that there team go better play (what they tried). But the the Walshman are better traint and they are stronger. The English crouwd tried to to stand on there team but a steward comes to theme for to say you can stay here but, do be quiet youre team do there best more they can not do.

It’s rear there is not a cache, and why they have nearly not great incidants what we see on footbal no soccer with 11 players each team. The rules by Soccer is stronger and they have more respect for echather. On the two meter there is a steward they will and must see of evrytingh are going good when the game his last minuts go in the minuts they are very important for the Great Britain suporters. Shall they pick up the 2 points witch they are after on the Walshman, the Wales public are very quitet because they can win from Great Britain you can say nearly endless, endless we have win from Great Britain.

The crouwd will still support there team there land for who there playing and thats a great honner. For the players that they may play for there Country. But how the game shall be ended the grouwd has supporting verry sportif to a ather playing Country, nut normaly the can echather well kill. But it wash the work from the  stewards who did there work good very good. They have a moment that the crouwd comming from Great Britain would make be troubled and why no body knows you have that always people who come look to a game, but they are comming for trouble and what helps it you go get into the prisson. But the stewards did there work  good and the game has his last minuts had. Wales has this won with 2 points more they have exelant players but it wahs verry diffecult to win from Great Britain. And now the stewards must be the town get quiet wreely quiet, thats a not easy project what they get, they shall do there best. The game go well and now the town they must be quiet, wreely quiet.


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