Tomorrow I Have A Big Test For To See How Is Mine Condition.

The dockters found it nessacary that I go do on Fitness. But I have first a test all the Fitness where you can go on Fitness must I do and that is a lot of. They will know what I can and what I not anymore can. And I think that what I not good can of not anymore can hard on workt must. I must well the dockters will that, youre body ask for Fitness is me told. I self prefure power on the rudder and the byssiclette for mine legs. Finaly has mine hole body need too owns a week Fitness need it’s also good for youre braines I have me let told. So when you from the dockters must you have to do it but in mine case with people they have and can understanding mine handicap. That whas the condisining. When I whas young I did a lot of sports tennis, hockey, swimming and wheelchairhockey, but normal hockey and swimming they are mine favraite sports (horsdriving). So into mine yeugh I did a lot of sports after the school and when I will go to the High Scool (HBO in the Netherlands) you can learn for what you pasion is judge, lawyer, actrice, drama, music. So you know I have studyd for lawyer, but if I see how a judge someone give a penalty, I will go sitting on the chair of the judge so low. If I whas the judge I give him/her more for what they have done.

I have some times the idea to go study for judge. On the ather side I think do I can this. It is the same of sports can I the test (maybe) do good and were i’am not good in. Than I ignorre myself I don’t like to make folts. With happen again in this blog. Yes I speak better Englisch than I can write, I think that is by the most people so, they will learn to write a blog. I’am tiered I know, but I whas tomorrow very early out of mine bed. Mine husband were ill (sick) dizzy, grippe (influenza) headdeck etc. So I think that this a very strainge story is for evrybody who it’s read. I’am so sorry than.

But mine great passion is still writing, I do that on google+ and on the European site I know a lot of how the Europian parlement works, how of the United Nations works it’s a lot of they have to shame corrupt they buy there vote not normal. But that bring me to the Elections in the U.S. What do you like Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump versus Ted Cruz? Bernie and Ted Cruz are the outsiders for me. Who get youre vote at the moment? And what kind of president do we get? Evrybody shall think you make youre story very gibberish (wrong mixed up). And I sayd than you are right, but it is not wrong mixed up for me and that is rear. The most theatchers will read it back as a story and can after there reading say this is a good story, but most of the time is that by me not so. I have the since in mine head in the Netherlands and so I wright them on mine pc. And than is the most of the time wrong American-Englisch. But in the Netherlands is it not wrong. Enough sayd about mine blog so we go we as president from the U.S. Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders as the outsiders. Or do we get Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton,  I prefure how rear it is Ted Cruz. I say it on mine blog so I have nothing seen from athers blog what I owns a week get.

And what do you think about the NO from the Netherlands again the Ukraine? And than we have a maybe a Brexit if they say no to Europe, Scotland is not agree with this referendum, Scotland will now lose Great-Britain that Scotland can stay into the EU and north-Irland tink also we will now stay by Irland and Irland is staying by the EU and there is no referendum. It’s a great show with a no I think so that whas mine political meaning and askings.

You have a big river at the moment I don’t know with state it whas, first Japan aerthshokking than Ecador aerthshokking, and now the rivers a lot of cm to much so the water go about the highway. God sayd owns the Aerth shall be gone between fire and water. And I think that it is all raddy is begon because there is just 5 jears war with begon in the middele east. It is allrady from Russia to Afrika that’s not normal and what can we do about it nothing yes 1 thing we can do, and that is  ouwer freedom to speak to writte and to bespoken, so we can thinks bespoken what we have seen and speak about it who will think and work with us. Freedom is it highst right what a humanbeen can have and too say what he/she has see there must we fight for. There are country’s where you have nothing to say thus we have a lot to do. It’s not a protest but mine tought IS is nearly Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, The Haghe are the two places where the police bussy is. I mean to say, say never again it comes not in mine country don’t say that, and look out what you are saying. Oké I will make a statement but out sorrow and not out protest so I askt also to the politics and with politic figure you prefure?

What shall say Voltaire about this, what shall Aguinas about this? They believe both in God so what shall they think about the passage “God sayd owns the Aerth shall begone between fire and water” and what do they think about mine words.




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