My Test Whas Very Diffecult.

So if you see this than you can believe me that it whas verry havy, but I have hold it. And the 29 april 2016, after Kingdomsday than I must come back and to workout a skets with I all have to do, and believe me all, I must do. This is somthingh that makes me quiet and I think not on mine problems. If I good read in Englisch-American, you whas not so to speak about mine blog where I in the realaty try to speak, pitty for me, but I know that. You are a verry hard man and me a hard person, I will writte on mine fantasy and the realaty. If you ask what is Kingdomsday well evrybody is free on Kingdomsday his birthday will he/she, and the Queen to celebrate with his people. That is not from now no it is the 3e generation who that will do.

So I know you are knot be glad with this blog, I’am surre about that. Sorry that I that say, I have feelings that you give me a blog with a order and just that order I can that not understood. And mine feelings comes the most of the time out. Thats rear hé.

When I walking on the woods I feel my fine no trubbles, no problems, no nothingh, time for meditation on a good still place, and how do you on meditation, wreely it’s simple, very simple but you must it good learn, if you have a good learnmaster than you can do when you have needed. I do it 3/4 h. And if you do that good so as you is told and learnd than, you can youreself so mutch give strength of youre mind, that youre mind health you fisical broken broken arm or somtingh else. If you do sport than shall youre mind get better and better, you mind is the boss of youre fisical body, and if you sometimes do on meditation than you mind get better and better but you do not know. If you are mediteting than you know nothing. But a view months later you get hé this problem we can handdle it so get it not on A than we have a plan B. Youre mind is getting sharper, alert and you go getting more to know. That is medical beproved and on a littele scale of people they have sucses booked. Only not with the meditation, I do it each day when I go to sleep and when I fel in sleep comes that also because the meditation. Thus what is wrong with meditation? I think nothing totally nothing you come in a restperiode witch you have needed, so you have a good sleep.

The most of the people are afraid for meditation, they do not know what it is. That are just the people they are afraid for the unkown spiritule better mindfullness, and you mind is the boss of youre body. I whas in the beginning “yes afraid, what is this all about”, but I tried first time it go not good mine afraidness where bigger a view days later I tried again it go better and I feel me good. So I get more lessons I begon with the most diffecult lesson witch I had asked, I may trie with qonsequens and I still did it and why some people they put all the time on mine soul I will it go away that has long duration when it whas away. But I have two or three times known what the qonsequens are and I have hard workt that it go back to the beginning and that I pick up mine meditation after those three times I pick a ather flow not so diffecult anymore. So I give and sayd to mine teacher who my this learnd “tell me what kind of test where I good are maybe motivaton I have and than we go again try to meditation”. “Will you see all collours of the rainbow at 21.00 h. when it is dark”. “Can that?” “Ofcourse you will them see it’s butiful, you shall respect the spectrum of you live the hole live on the Aerth” An it is not so dangerous as the first where you have for chosen. So we met echather and they told me what I have to do, I did wath me was told and yes it wahs butiful and I go back a view centery’s ago, that wahs rear such I have never seen wreely butiful. And so step by step I learnd not anymore to be afraid, but owns a day minimum to do.

And so I have still mine motivation to do that owns a day to do that mine mind go better and better it’s also good for mine health, and it takes mine mind very sharp and evry time (maybe after a month) I know that mine mind more can than before. But it’s rear contact to have with the Univers somtimes you see things they must just happen and I have them see a time they give me not and that is verry pitty. You must not say oh that is to look into the future no it dipance of your meditation witch carpenter you take that day. I can not look into the future see, than I have no live anymore, it dipance of the carpenter what you take or that you has asket on youre teacher with I have only to learn me that and I sayd yes than you must not go back from I’am afraid I do this not anymore no who sayd A must not say somting else. Than you must kept youre word and get hophely you have a good teacher witch I had. They know exactly what I can and what I not can. But they know that me evryting to learn whas. Thus don’t be afraid and see this not as bragging. If you make it youre self better than make you youre self free.




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