My Test Whas Very Diffecult. (Part 2)

Oké just what I tought this is a verry diffecult order what I will writte you have and can read that yesterday. When I yesterdayn will write and to told anyone who this go to read, (if you that will tried, look for a good teacher) you must be not afraid put you afraidness away so you can tried with youre teacher. So I get yesterday a diffecult carpenter from mine teacher and I lost mine concentration and that whas the bad thing what I can do. A diffecult carpenter you know the concequents and yes they come to me I had no any chanche lost youre concetration than you make imidiatly knowledge with the concequenties of the spectrum. And I where faire, afraid and somtingh else but I have slept (not so good as normally). Normally I slept good than is mine meditation shorter you are tiered and you slept qwick, so you have also a good nightrest. If you it will try go ahead but do nothing alone when you are evriting can and you teacher can and tell you I go you lose, but if you one thing do not understand let me know and wait when I’am arrievd. Than you have years and years lessons had and have. Well you asket me persons to give a name thus the protagonist and the antagonist and who I’am supporting and why? But I will not do this if I have it about me or I than I mean myself the atherown I will them give no name I will well make clear who is the protagonist “the teacher”in to learn meditation if I speak about the teacher than I speak about the protagonist I hope that clear enough is. I supporting the protagonist and why they have learnd me a lot of than I (as antagonist) I for myself not know and knowed has and have. And I can hardley believe that I still more and more can learn. But it is always the same if I have a good teacher and very imortant is of he or she has or is bepassion when a such person as teacher has than I have a good own. But I’am still thinking about mine blogs to write in mine own speak and writinglanguage Netherlands than you can asking for a translation. What you are writing this day 22/04/2016 whas for me verry familiar, I like painting to also so as you say not so good but you do it between you liked and you problems are going. You have plessure in the thing what you are doing so me to. And with meditation I can mine concentration make a littel bit better very much, but very hard and of be quick no evrytingh go slow maybe I must take pils (medication) it’s for me a asking. But I did it not for the fun to follow meditation. I had so much problems that I thought this is the only way who my can help mine problems on the right way to handdle and maybe they go away. There whas just own person who I trust the person sayd “I can learn you to meditate I know you can that the only is don’t be afraid what you are” And yes the person has right I whas wreely very very afraid. I know nothing how could I than be a person are that can meditate mine thought’s alone all with evry minut I where be more and more afraid. Thats rear a antagonist who is afraid, angry evrytingh what unknown is a normal person is afraid this whas high chosen to high chosen I thougt and I have still a moment that I tought I quit, I do it not enymore, but mine curiosety win it of the give up stand. So I where fast in mine dissision I go further you never know. On a surten moment I let know that I whas afraid evryting what you can think about the unknown what me could learnd, with I have learnd. Yes I have told that thats not necessery I help you relax that whas a codeword you shall be relax the first time don’t spit up you fingers or arms you body is to strong you must be relaxer. When I after a houer whas enough relaxed that whas a verry apart expirance what I saw what believed on that moment. After a houer I came back from the meditation I can get homework for the next time about 2 days well I go look in the papers what I saw whas a complietly diffrend language it whas not in Englisch or German it look like on Hebreeuws the language of the Yew’s (mean it not to discriminating) but that whas the only what I saw and can read when I have googled. Thus I go to work  what me whas told and I whas evry night before I go to bed studying on that new language to understand. It whas a diffecult and powerfull time and I had nearly no power enymore so I came in cyclus and the cyclus must be open and so quick as possible. I came not enymore out of that cyclus than you must puch so hard as you can, and that has a lot of years of mine life costed. By the way this is Part 2 I whas just yesterday begon or you found it a fine or a not so succeful idea this I whant to write and I will come back with on the Philosofy what in this carpenter is the meditiation on himself good writer’s so as Aquino or Voltaire we have Spinoza they did for them own meditation each a day a carpenter before they go beginning with there book off for lessonmaterial, thus afterall it’s not so rear waht I did. And how are became you quiet, relaxed and you fell in a deep sleep. And you where the ather day good awake from you radio with they have to wake up you.                       IMG-20160101-WA0000andere kant


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