My Test Whas Very Diffecult (Part 3)

If you will not out of youre comfortzone than you shall always stay in the same cyclus, when you after a view years make be angry and afraid. What go you do to come out of youre comfortzone to break free and feel youre self pritty, fine and lose youre problems. What are you go doing the same as I did (antagonist) or will you never come out youre comfortzone. The one go painting the ather own go make vidieo’s some ather will make butiful Naturefoto’s it’s a talent what you have get when you are been born. The Spectrum has also his influents they give you somthing that you can come out of youre comfortzone thus take it.

When you for you self sayd I stay and this live I find it good so, you stay. But rember one thing you shall come into a routine if you that years and years do you can’t anymore and want somtingh else. Took and do you go read what you has taken as teacher from youre bloggers or not, you put them away. Off do you, you thing what are you like. So in mine own language I can write well but this is diffecult, thus I’am bussy to coming out of mine comfortzone I try ather things. If you can understand me.

When I made this test I will go to write in mine speak and writinglanguage. (Thus Netherlands).

When you come or will come out off youre comfortzone than you do that (I did it) in 3 steps. A I go do what I like and that’s writing in mine own language and blogs in American-English thus, I did someown that I never had done write a blog in American-English I do somtingh out of mine comfortzone. B I whas in that time bussy with to make mine homework in SocialRight and make mine examen with I get good maked a 10 so I have mine graduete (diplom). C I whas so bussy that I forgot the thing’s about and around me so my husband don’t like me on mine work it’s not good it go not good so we came automaticly by D Learn to meditation to have and take youre rest and you shall be a ather person a person who you can trust never shall talking somting further to ather persons and mine concentration held fast with carpenter I have to do. I did to much in a view years and I can handdle this (I tought) no and the protagonist the teacher in meditiation has sayd if you it can and you can evrything than you have a carrying-capacity for hole youre life and you shall do it when you go to bed. You have no need a television or a computer, just make youre homework read what is written and try to speak out hardly not soft that I it not can hear, I must you can hear (so sayd the protagonist it to me) that bring me atomatcly by D.

D: Is for me the most diffecult what there is and why I put evryting into mine brains and I never delete somting the most people found that dangerous, you must go talk nobody get somting out me. The protagonist has there a answer on for them selfs they say it not to me but I know as antagonist that I that just 1 time has expiriance but I can myself not anymore remember. Maybe must it so be that the teacher my let meditiation with a carpenter with whas easy but that the teachtcher saw where I’am not talking but only when I whas medetating than I spoke and speak hardly so evrybody can understand me. I whas after the meditation afraid, angry from what should I have sayd and I shamed myself I don’t no why. If we evrything from A to D must bespeak or you mine best reader will this bespoken have I shall do mine best to make clear why that me so has helpt and still do. Can you understand why I support the protagonist years and years they have workt on me and if I the protagonist have need I do a call (telefoond). And they is than verry quick with me to help me and I can ask what I will they helped me with passion and is bepassion aswel.

You will again 1000 words from me I know that but I get tiered urly in the morning I did mine meditiation it whas short but verry heavy and again I spoke hardly and I shamed myself not so as in the beginning.

But believe me there go a lot of work in, you have it verry bussy a strainge language learn to speak it and you make no folt when you speak it out not any folt it is a hard lesson the most hard lesson of youre lifetime that you ever has. Believe me self I can not evryting so I have still need any help but I’am so far that I can do a fonecall and they come so quick as they can. That is fine you are not wreely alone on this planet, but you learn a lot about this planet and youre self. You learn to look how are you inside are a good human or between or bad and how you can do better to get stardet with the meditation. Wreely you learn you self better and better can fom the inside youre soul do you have only a black soul you must make it claen and than they make a dissision or you can stardet or not. What you have done is a great prommise evrybody who this can must hold his prommise only you and you teatcher know you prommise and there on that point the teatcher go to work with you. I did a verry strenght prommise I whas the only one who this prommise you can make free, sorry but I can not say witch prommise I did.



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