My Test Whas Very Diffecult.

Goodmorning Tom, I have read youre different story, I good read it well. So and I liketed too and I remember some things out of mine story’s witch not and still is end and have a end I must work for that.

For all this lessons in meditation I whas nearly broken it costed a lot of.

So mine eurosac whas nearly empty but I can buy eat and I’am glad with that I know I had payd so I get mine lessons again. Thats hard so as you write in youre different story two people who know they need echather. So I need mine teacher also when I do or will meditation, the first time I go with the Teacher to a Neutral Zone, to know echather a littel bit better, both off us let not see the wreel person that we are. That whas verry dissapointed for the theacher and for me. So I did not know off that  whas the teacher whas that I have contacted with do I quit or not this whas not a game, the game  comes latly after all it whas a great gamble. A gamble with youre eurosac and youre lessons and to learn too behavour in what kind of since I din’t know tell me somtingh I askt. “The hole live is a great gamble”. I whas shokked I rather play on sure it good be different than I thought, but it can. On witch way I askt and I get mine answer, between a month that we have seen echather.

We shall be needed, you and I know (10 years ago) there comes a war out the east. What can I do on this nothing at all. Take youre lessons go further for the war becoms to the west and it shall be.

What do I have on this answer no nothing at all. But I read it again, and again than after a 1/2 h. thinking I tought of course I understand it now on 1 thing a word and a view …. pixels. The they after I pick up mine lessons I pick a carpenter and did that carpenter. That carpenter makes me free the day after when I did mine carpenter. We can not so be cruel that we go back and fight on a horse with a speer and a bow and piles that good be it may not, that the evil shall win about the good one, I could not understand that. And yes there are people who can be do on telepathically some people are afraid of this you get this when you are been born, the stars the spectrum. The spectrum say also you are poor, you must work for you live and too stay in  live, you are rich you get communication with the spectrum, so you come always back.

And if you think this is more a fiction, than I let you think that, it is not so. The spectrum askt much from you, financial and fiscly, you do not know this.

And if you this never has knowed than is the most off the time each since from you live is a riddle. It is in a language written that you never has seen or know that it exist. And yes it is clear that there is a war from the east, we make them selfs we give the wapens to them so can the banks with ouer capital make a rush to the  receive the money it’s from you it’s from me, and I have it always knowend. And wy I dreamt it I say oil and gold they did wapens. Could such people listen to me know. I whas angry very angry I put mine contracts to myself and give them one for one back and I must get my money back witch also happend. How stupid could I the same night from 21.00 h. (Netherlands time p.m?) Well I pick mine meditationbook with lessons with the asking off this whas true. After 3/4 h. I get a answer a still for me strainghs answer “It shall happen as that it is written in the wall’s”. You understand that I this not can understood witch wall or wall’s I did not know where I must begin I get no clu, but where must I begin I don’t no nothing witch land witch wall maybe Berlin, but they is standing not anymore, he is gone.

Look we can back to the time off the Egyptans in that time where also evryting fight’s between different people and they where won written in the wall’s.

A wall could not fall they think it can be happend look to Berlin maybe South-Afrika. But mine lessons they say that not I get any help again. So I have payd for mine lessons and I get them the last week. The meditation I can do it I’am not  past mine techniek the techniek how you it must do, you must first have a carpenter you know you carpenter than you go at work where you the most of the time (with plessure are) there are you go to that room, if you can understand me? So what will they say to me go to Egypt or somtingh else. And I will Tom thank for his inspiration to me I have seen the game, and you can writing for money so if you it is youre dream too, it’s also the mine, but that is far far away of some ather can brought it. The text a view things about this, but read 1, 2 and 3 you can have them this is number four we are still not on they end.

But we are not far away from the climax.

I have put in this one also the economy with the meaning who I have you get nothing for nothing if someone want do and make youre self strong for. The sun go also not for nothing up if you buy a house suith he came up hase youre house more sun from the suith than you pay more when you buy it.                  


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