Sure is where evry or the most people on play, me too so as I wrote in mine last blog My Test Whas Very Diffecul number four (that is written in that story) But I get a blog from mister Mastgrave witch not so diffecult whas to read. And yes Franlin Deleno Roosevelt whas famous and still he is (the four freedom awards) next year in New York. His roots are here his parents or grandparents are born in mine department I feel me proud, a man who is presedent 3 times (that came second worldwar).

You have in the beginning fear for and I have the opesit when a human normally has fear than I have not etc constantly the opesit.

But if I mine fear under control will have than I must hard work for that, but if I them under control have than I’am for nothing can be afraid so I have no fear anymore. Evrything what new whas I whas fear and why, most case’s I know now is nerveus and the most people say why are you nerveus? It is not need the most say easy to say that I where more nerveus you can see that on me I know that. But I’am not so quickly anymore nerveus, but it can happen. And yes I play still more on sure if you see what all about is happening (Turkey will the EU put there mouth so from stil I have it to say) Dictator. He is gambeling with Europe he think what Poetin can that can I to it’s not so the four freedom awards freedom to speak who you are and what you will say it on a normally way. Are you a reporter and you must do you work just in that country and you are writting for a Netherlands paper witch each day come out and you where arrested because the presedent will it so. And in that country there are footballplayers they must do there work do also for eat on table.

In mine own country we must work hard for pressfreedom we are nearly a second Turkey in German is the same the freedom of press, freedom in what kind what you will believe, freedom of fear and ilniss of ather kind of thing’s that ther be heart and freedom for who you are without sex between women or man.

Some people believe in the black hole, yes some people believe in the big-bang theory ather one believe in what they will believe and that you must respect that from eachather. The world is sic very sic this time I think that I not go on vacation it looks like me better so. Yes maybe a day out. And evry friday from 14.00 h am? to 15.00 h am? Afternoon on friday I go to sport what a footballplayer does evry day I do one’s a week after than I can do more, but we shall see.

We have a littel bit off the actuallaty done we have not all of God’s human disaster or a great catastrophe, why is the Sahel-Country’s poor a lot off sicknis (ilnis) sicknis who we can handdle in the west of the world in the east there has God make’t a lot off folts he had more time need than 7 days sorry 6 days sunday is restday. So I ask you is you and mine God Christiannty the same and there were believe in and why make’s he so much sicknis and the ather side of the world poor no eat are they people not clean on theire soul, yes maybe a presedent the corrupten and the great shell and ather bigest factory’s.

What the galactic game: I’am afraid of this that is the teqnieck and that is unstoppable the human has then no any right to work, the robot works for you the boys get not anymore into the army the robots take youre place, that is not normal, do we have a later in this century a normal live? Sorry thing from not it is actually just far and really they are far (Russian, USA) and in the silence the Netherlands they do it to. What for live do we have not a normal live. We can only hope that we have a fine live and that we or ouer littel childeren get a diffrent ilnis sick so as you Cancer wrote so they are ather ilnis sicknis where you can die and that is possible but we hope that it is not so just by ouer littel grandchilderen (2 boys). I try to say why is the world so cruel to us. But one thing I know for sure, if you do good you get good back. If I do good I get good back and you feel you good you feel you happy and you feel youre self free. And your health go good but listen always to youre body is you body not good than is you mind also not good THINK ABOUT YING AND YANG in balans than you shall be on youre best. I have that so many times heart that I thought my goodness there we go again, but I tink that I have found mine balance and if you in youre balance you are on youre best.

I know that you Christian are, I get it when I growing up that evry sunday to the church for 2 h. thats long for a littel child I rember it as the day as it whas yesterday. But on mine 12 age I make my choose mine father let us choose I did that to how young you are, mine parents believe sometingh else. I have hole mine live thought that they are “Yews” so I told you earlyer in one off the blogs. I whas the only one that they could understand if they tolk so the athers, brothers sisters they undersood not why I well. Did we believed the same the spectrum, univers of Christian thus i mean to say why is God cruel wars and hungry and in the west I can’t believe it. It’s also a thought from mine side ….




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