It Looks Like The Old Twin-Towers.

In the beginning of the life saw the world than so out, I think it not and why, the human comes from the apes or someone must be found out a new discussion what athers is than what we normal think. But they look old and new building what clapst down on a serieus way. So as the title say that whas the first thing what I saw in this picture. What now a ruined city is a sewer and under the woden cabin like it of there a great bomb are been shoten. So the woden cabin shall fall down too, and a new little Missispy came there trough all came or clapst to the ground in day at the same time. All that shall be go with the water, maybe there are more houses or ather kind of buildings. The sewer where serieus greater and greater that the burts must swim in that nasty water what deep is to. If this is the past well than do we have now good, but if this the future I hope to not anymore to live and that I have a fine live. But who did this any anemys are is that caracter stronger than that alone thus have a sush anemy a strong charisma that evrybody is afraid, fear or are there people who are not afraid but have no army to fight with them again this anemy or are there animals great anymals.

Is this the big-bang theorie the beginning from the Aerth, with we believe that God them has maked, or is it that the Moon slipt on the Aerth and that the Aerth is going out of his normal cyclus from the eclips on the Sun. That sayd people to scienificly say that “Darwin” tought it to beproved and now are scientific who will “Darwin” again proved. If the world so most be ended than is this rather nothing for me such a caracter with such a charisma who has charisma they can handdle a lot, but when he lose his charisma (when you brought it wrong) so you make war than you can lose it and many any athers with you than you can say it’s pay back time. Than you can ask for to talk on table if they not so you go to the police and ask for a bloodmoney what he the people has done you took him to the ruined city or ruined city’s.

That will well help if they see what they have done. They must you pay oké money bring no people back but we can think about them thus that shall we evry year do so long as we lived. Maybe I speak to much about of myself it’t easyer to write for me and I give the caracter or caracters no name the anemy is by mine the antagonist the protagonist is the ruined city and his people who are not have seen come that the anemy so quick should break out for to place a bomb and evrything go down to the ground. And they have no army they lived in peace and than a anemy what kind of anemy whas this evrybody askt this to them selfs and why did they that? Whas this the beginning of a new world.

If this whas a beginning of a new world why so cruel this is not mine world, a world that makes war after war no this is not mine world. An they did that when it whas night it could be if you are the anemy say that, there are some accords for who a anemy you may not as a suprise in the middele of the night come over and let plow a city that one big ruined is the anemy why did he that and can laugh about this it’s no joke nobody can enjoy about this. It whas one big plowding it look like it whas a nuclear bomb. And they are very bad people can many years long be ill I feel nothing ather than I can feel at the moment I write out of mine feeling Kabooom there go the town make that you are away bring youre self in safe where ever that is. If I years later still ill I know why the Government not all young boys who that has never heart thus have seen, maybe is there a little monument for the people who died on it. If, I would not think about it ouer world I so sorry I’am sad very very sad I can hardly bring this under mine words, but I try it to do.

And what the water comes is far away from clean there are rats in ather beast thate I not like. And I must there be with a boat who whas not ruined what curiously is I would him have but how get I the boat under a hous not to believe I want with that boat away and why I feel me still not yet safe and I must go from here far away if I get a new bomb on mine head I would not yet death thus I must go away. This is not mine world wreely not Bomb after Bomb on mine head no than you can better should me down, so will I not live. And I have a nice life at the moment .

I did so as I yesterday wrote 1 hour fitness what good is at the moment normally I get free but it is now early in the morning maybe 5 in the morning and by me go we about 1/2 hour than I go to bed it’s 29 of april over here. When you wake up than is it the 30 of april and I’am still a sleep than I have hophely a fast sleep. And no bombs on mine ears I get there depresif from. And I’am the last time not depressif anymore bring something where I can laugh about it.


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